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Robert AyarDr. Robert Ayar

I graduated in 1991 with a BDS, and worked in private practices in Auckland, New Zealand.

After a few years I decided to settle down in Rotorua (New Zealand), so I bought my own practice and worked in it for a few years; but I always had that urge to advance my knowledge, so I did.

I studied at Otago University in Dunedin, in 2001 I achieved a Postgraduate Clinical Diploma in General Practice. Then in 2003, I achieved a Master Degree Clinical MDS in General Practice. My Clinical Master Degree thesis was in Root Canal Therapy and Crown & Bridge.

I taught undergraduate students at the University of Otago as a tutor while doing my Master degree. It was fun teaching, I really enjoyed it!

I feel it is very important to continuously educate myself and always be aware of the latest advancements in oral health and dentistry, I have taken numerous Post-Graduate courses in Cosmetic, and Implant Dentistry and regularly update my knowledge in the field by attending both local and overseas courses and conferences.

I have a Fellowship in Implant Dentistry from California Implant Institute, member of the Australian Dental Association, New Zealand Dental Association, California Implant Institute.

The most precious thing for me is spending time with my family, in this crazy rush rush life we live, family time is important. I love watching my two boys play soccer for Hurstville City Minotaurs any chance I get. We have 2 naughty dogs, Perky and Sparky, love walking them.

I really enjoy cooking (not as good as the people in Master Chef though), love eating and trying different cuisines.

I work and live in the area, it’s great to say hi and have a chat to my patients outside of work.

Thanks for visiting our site, I do look forward to meeting you.

Ban AyarBan Ayar

Hi, I am Ban Ayar, the practice manager of Ayar Dental, my roll is to keep Robert on track! Communication is a big thing for me, I always make sure that there is plenty of communication between us and our patients. I always like to be in the know and I want that for our patients too.

I love what I do, I love chatting with our patients, and meeting new people.

I graduated as a Computer Engineer, but Robert and I wanted our practice to feel like a family, we wanted to make sure that our patients are well looked after, that they are part of our family, part of the family of Ayar Dental.

Robert and I have two boys, Daniel and Anthony, who keep us so busy between school and sports, it’s a tricky balance as we all know.

I, unlike Robert, am the worst cook; it always seems to go wrong even if I follow a recipe!

After a busy day I like to sit and chill with our dogs, Perky and Sparky, grab a coffee and go for a walk.

Well, that’s me in a nutshell, I would love to get to know you too!

It will be a pleasure to get to know you.

LillyLilly Jurela

Hi, I`m Lilly, happily married and a mother of two great kids. I love spending time with my children. We like to go cycling, swimming and take walks along the beach.

I`m currently working part-time with Ayar Dental as a dental nurse so I can concentrate on my family life.  I qualified as a Dental Nurse in 2002 and have been working as one for many years.

I believe my role is supporting the dentist and ensuring our patients comfort throughout their visit. I have been working for Ayar Dental for a few years now and I thoroughly enjoy working with Ban and Robert and love every moment of it.

It is a pleasure to work with such great people who care for their employees.

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