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What Are the Common Causes of a Toothache

September 21, 2021
Posted By: Ayar Dental
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Many different things can cause a toothache, including an untreated cavity, oral infection, gum disease, or even bruxism (the act of grinding and clenching your teeth). When you have bad tooth pain, our dentists can examine your teeth and make the correct diagnosis.

Get Toothache Relief with Your Dentist in Ramsgate

Toothaches are one of the most common dental emergencies around. Fortunately, your emergency dentist can diagnose and treat the issue that is causing you pain. This is so much better than masking the problem with pain relievers.

Without intervention from your dentist, you could be risking your oral health.

At your emergency dental appointment, we work to relieve your pain quickly and then set about diagnosing your condition.

Common causes like a tooth cavity are simple to treat right away, but complex issues like gum disease and bruxism may require specialised therapy.

For gum disease, we put you on a schedule for periodontal treatment to save your teeth and help prevent oral and physical health complications.

For bruxism pain relief, ask our dentist about a custom oral appliance to be worn at night. This appliance gently prevents grinding and clenching.

While there are many usual causes for tooth pain, root infections may be the most common.

Root Canal Treatment to Relieve Tooth Pain

Your dentist diagnosis a root infection if you have a deep infection in the canal of your tooth. Root infection can result from poor oral hygiene, skipping dental checkups and teeth cleans, or trauma.

Our team works to treat your root canal quickly, numbing the area and extracting the infected tissues. Then we seal your tooth with a temporary filling. At a later appointment, we close the site with a tooth-coloured filling or a dental crown.

Schedule Treatment at Our Ramsgate Dental Clinic

A toothache can rob you of sleep, force you to change your plans, and even put your oral health at risk. Therefore, we encourage you to contact our dental clinic if you have a toothache.