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Regular Dental Check-Ups May Lower Your Risks

May 20, 2020
Posted By: Ayar Dental
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Our dentist in Ramsgate has designed our dental health programme to help patients maintain healthy smiles. This includes scheduling regular preventive dental appointments and advising you on practices to use at home.

At Ayar Dental, it is always our goal to help you enjoy a healthy smile that you can be proud of.

The Benefits of Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry means visiting your Ramsgate dentist regularly for dental exams and teeth cleans. These exams help us spot potential dental health issues before they turn into costly and complicated problems like periodontal disease, decay, or even painful dental emergencies.

Periodically, your dentist will recommend dental x-rays to look beneath the surface. And we always screen your mouth for oral health changes, including oral cancers.

The most common dental emergency we see at Ayar Dental is a tooth infection. In many cases, you can avoid infection with regular preventive dentistry. Your dentist will create a plan and schedule that addresses your needs as well—we know no two smiles are alike.

Teeth cleans complement dental exams, getting rid of the stubborn bacteria that your toothbrush and flossing miss—the stubborn bacteria that requires professional intervention.

For your part, we recommend regular brushing and flossing at home. A member of our team will provide more specific tips based on your oral health profile.

Regular Dentistry May Lower Your Toothache Risk

Because preventive dentistry is proactive, it has been shown to reduce the risks of dental emergencies brought on by infection or deep decay—the most common type of dental emergencies that we see in our dental clinic.

Contact Our Ramsgate Dental Clinic to Arrange Your Next Exam!

If you have not been to the dentist in a while, or if it’s time for your next dental exam and teeth clean, we welcome you at Ayar Dental. Please call (02) 9529 5278 or go online to schedule your next appointment. Our friendly dental team is available to answer any questions that you might have.

Ayar Dental is located at Shop 13 Ramsgate Beach Plaza, 191-201 Ramsgate Road near Rotary Park in Ramsgate Beach. To arrive at our dental clinic from Hurtsville, head northeast on Queens Rd toward Dora St. Then, turn right onto Hudson St. Drive from Park Rd and Ramsgate Rd to Ramsgate Beach. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit and stay on Ramsgate Rd.