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Your Guide to Dental Implant Surgery

October 2, 2020
Posted By: Ayar Dental
Parts of a dental implant going into bottom gums at Ramsgate dentist office

At Ayar Dental, we consider a dental implant the closest thing to a natural tooth. It is the only tooth replacement option that stands in for your tooth root and your lost tooth, and dental implants in Ramsgate do not require added maintenance. You brush, floss, and see your dentist on schedule—exactly the way you would keep a natural tooth healthy.

Dental Implants in Ramsgate, NSW

A dental implant is a titanium replacement root that your dentist near Kogarah, NSW surgically implants in your jaw. This replacement root integrates with bone across several months and creates a stable underpinning for your abutment and replacement tooth.

Strategically placed dental implants—approximately four to six—can also support a denture or prosthetic if you have full or significant tooth loss.

Comfortable Dental Implant Surgery at Ayar Dental

The goal of dental implant surgery is to give you a full and beautiful smile.

The first step toward this goal is an evaluation in our dental surgery, including x-rays. Dental x-rays help your dentist place your implant in the best location for success, allowing for visualisation of the sinus and jawbone density.

If your Ramsgate dentist determines that dental implants will work for you following this evaluation, we arrange your implant surgery.

Most patients compare dental implant placement to less invasive treatments because the dentist thoroughly numbs the implant site and uses a gentle hand. You may notice pressure during implant placement, but you should not feel pain.

Following the placement of your dental implant in Ramsgate, you may notice swelling and mild soreness for a few days, but store-bought pain relievers should take care of this.

As time passes, your implant integrates with your jawbone, and then it is time for your abutment and a replacement tooth (dental crown).

For Dental Implants in Ramsgate, We Welcome Your Call

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