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What to Know about Dental Crowns

April 26, 2021
Posted By: Ayar Dental
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When it comes to restoring or protecting a tooth, dental crowns are a great option for many patients. A dental crown fits over your natural tooth, providing a protective cap. For a damaged or badly decayed tooth, protection is necessary. With a dental crown, it’s often possible to save a tooth that might otherwise need extraction. Dentists in Ramsgate, NSW may also use a dental crown to protect a patient’s tooth after root canal treatment.  

A dentist may provide metal, porcelain or ceramic dental crowns. The material chosen depends on the type of crown your dentist offers and your needs. At Ayar Dental, each dental crown is customised to fit your tooth and match the rest of your smile, making them ideal both aesthetically and functionally for many situations. 

Common reasons for a patient to get a dental crown in Ramsgate include:

  • A cracked or chipped tooth
  • A discoloured tooth
  • Protection after a root canal
  • To replace a missing tooth (along with a dental implant)
  • To save a badly decayed tooth
  • To protect a tooth that already has a filling but isn’t structurally sound
  • To cover misshapen or flawed teeth

Dental crowns are useful in the above situations and many others. In fact, one of our favourite benefits of dental crowns is their versatility. If you have questions about whether or not dental crowns are right for you, we invite you to call our Ramsgate dental clinic at (02) 9529 5278 with questions.

The Dental Crown Procedure at Ayar Dental

Most dental crown procedures involve more than one appointment in a dental clinic. Before recommending a dental crown for a patient’s dental situation, Dr Robert Ayar carefully examines the patient’s oral health and gauges their needs. 

If we recommend a dental crown for your situation, the next steps of the process include preparing the tooth to receive a crown and the creation of the crown itself. We customise dental crowns in Ramsgate to fit with the rest of the patient’s smile so that it is discreet, matching the rest of their teeth. 

The patient is generally provided with a temporary crown while their customised crown is made. When it is ready, the patient visits the dental clinic for a final fitting and leaves with their new crown. 

Caring For Your Dental Crown

At Ayar Dental, we love the fact that dental crowns are easy to care for and maintain. After receiving a crown, patients simply need to adhere to their usual oral hygiene routine. That means regular brushing and flossing and regular dental cleans at your dentist’s clinic.

However, we do recommend some small changes in diet to help safeguard a patient’s new dental crown. Patients with dental crowns should avoid eating hard and sticky foods that might be damaging to the crown. Limit your consumption of hard or chewy candies, for example. Also, try to avoid sugary and starchy foods and work to eliminate any habits you may have, like chewing on ice on your fingernails that could damage your teeth. 

We know most people want their crown to last as long as possible, and paying attention to the above tips may help achieve a longer lifespan. Many dental crowns last at least five years, but it’s possible for dental crowns to last up to 15 years with proper care and an excellent oral hygiene routine. 

Alternatives to Dental Crowns

In many situations, a dental crown is the best treatment option for patients. However, alternatives do exist in many cases. For example, for missing teeth, dentures may offer an alternative solution. Your dentist may also choose to treat an issue like a chipped tooth with dental bonding instead of covering the flaw with a crown.  

The best way for our clinic to ascertain the best treatment for your dental problem is to carefully examine your teeth and gums. During your dental exam in Ramsgate, we can take x-rays and use other diagnostic methods to give the best advice. 

The Top Benefits of Dental CrownsPatient smiling during exam at dental clinic in Ramsgate NSW

Dental crowns offer many benefits, as we’ve mentioned before, and that’s one reason why we often recommend them to patients. 

In our opinion, the top benefits of dental crowns include:

  • A natural-looking appearance due to customisation
  • A comfortable feel for most patients
  • Their ability to protect a damaged or structurally unsound tooth
  • Their ability to cover aesthetic tooth flaws
  • A secure fit 

Dental crowns allow us to help patients preserve their natural teeth, which is always a goal of dentists. We like to preserve our patients' natural teeth whenever possible. 

Book a Consultation for Crowns at Our Ramsgate Dental Clinic! 

In our dental clinic in Ramsgate, we help patients protect their damaged or decayed teeth with dental crowns, which can help to improve their oral health. In the cases of aesthetic flaws, it may also help to improve the appearance of their smile.

We welcome you to call our clinic at (02) 9529 5278 with any questions or to book a consultation with our dentist in Ramsgate