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Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

November 19, 2021
Posted By: Ayar Dental
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Are you brushing your teeth but still noticing lingering stains or persistent discolouration? People suffer from discoloured teeth for many reasons; some are directly related to lifestyle habits like drinking coffee and wine or choosing to use tobacco products. Other sources of discolouration may appear as a result of ageing, infection or disease in the teeth, or tooth trauma.

Teeth Whitening in Ramsgate

If stains or discolouration continually cause issues for you and your smile, our cosmetic dentists are more than happy to assist! Like any other procedure, we take the time and effort necessary to carry out our services safely and professionally with your health in mind.

In-Chair Teeth Whitening

Although over the counter options exist for teeth whitening, getting a professional cosmetic dentist’s opinion for evaluation and treatment can prepare you and your teeth for the safest possible outcome.

Is Teeth Whitening a Safe Option For Me?  

Before any procedure begins, however, we must be sure that teeth whitening is right for you!
To safely administer an in-office procedure, our cosmetic dentist in Ramsgate needs to address a few essential factors:

  • X-rays: For new patients, an x-ray may be necessary to ensure no underlying conditions are present before a teeth whitening procedure.
  • Oral health evaluation: Both the past and present states of your mouth can determine the safety and overall efficacy of a teeth whitening treatment. We will consider any past procedures during an initial consultation and the ongoing state of oral hygiene.

We understand the aesthetics of a winning smile and its significant effects on overall confidence and self-esteem. For this reason, we consider all aspects of your oral health to minimise any risks and provide safe and effective treatment.

Post-Whitening Treatment

After an effective teeth whitening treatment, changing the consumption of foods or substances that discolour teeth and regular brushing, flossing and using mouthwash will help keep your newly-brightened smile safe going forward.

Teeth Whitening Specials

Good News! We are currently offering our Zoom Phillips In-Chair Teeth Whitening treatment on special. Please read our terms and conditions or contact our office for more information on this opportunity!

We Encourage You to Contact Our Ramsgate Dental Clinic

We invite you to discuss your cosmetic dental desires or concerns with us, and our team here in Ramsgate is here to help! Please reach out to us at (02) 9529 5278 to schedule teeth whitening treatment.