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Treating Teeth Grinding with a Mouth Guard

August 10, 2021
Posted By: Ayar Dental
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Patients who grind their teeth at night may experience pain due to the clenching and grinding, along with dental issues, like tooth wear and other problems.

TMJ Symptoms & Treatment at Ayar Dental

Some patients don’t even realize they’re grinding their teeth. For others, it becomes, unfortunately, evident due to discomfort and dental damage, like patterns of wear that misalign the bite, cracks or fractures in the teeth and persistent jaw joint pain or headaches.

The best way to find out if you’re grinding your teeth or not is to see your dentist in Ramsgate for an exam. When you visit Ayar Dental for an evaluation, we will inform you if we notice signs of tooth grinding, which dentists often refer to as bruxism. If you have temporomandibular joint problems, we highly recommend checking for bruxism as there are links between bruxism and TMJ disorder.

If Dr Robert Ayar does diagnose you with bruxism, he will go over potential treatments for bruxism as well as potential treatments for any dental issues your bruxism has caused to ensure you have all the knowledge and options you need to achieve outstanding oral health.

We most commonly treat bruxism with a mouth guard, which the patient wears while sleeping to prevent their teeth from meeting.

Custom Mouth Guards for Teeth Grinding

Mouth guards for bruxism can be purchased in shops or custom-made by your dentist. We typically recommend a custom mouth guard because custom-made mouth guards generally offer better protection for your teeth and a more comfortable fit.

Our dentist in Ramsgate creates a custom mouth guard using impressions of your teeth. More often than not, the dentist creates a mouth guard to fit your upper teeth. However, in some cases, the night guard may be designed to fit your bottom teeth instead.

Call to Arrange Bruxism Treatment in Ramsgate, NSW!

We provide bruxism evaluations and treatment in Ramsgate to promote excellent oral health and relieve our patients of pain. If you have bruxism or suspect that you grind your teeth, we invite you to contact Ayar Dental on (02) 9529 5278 to arrange an exam with our dentist.

Dr Ayar enjoys helping patients protect their teeth from damage with night guards and other bruxism treatments.