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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Recovery

October 16, 2021
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The back molars, commonly known as wisdom teeth, are the last adult teeth to emerge. Sometimes, the wisdom teeth must be removed to preserve a person’s oral health, especially if a person doesn’t have enough room in their mouth to accommodate the teeth. 

Wisdom tooth removal is a common outpatient surgery during which the dentist numbs the mouth and carefully removes the tooth. At Ayar Dental, we offer gentle wisdom tooth extraction for patients near Ramsgate Beach.

Recovery from Wisdom Tooth Extraction 

Depending on the patient’s specific care, recovery from a wisdom tooth extraction can take up to one week. However, an impacted wisdom tooth may require a longer recovery. 
Mild pain and swelling are expected after surgery. Your dentist will give you details regarding the recovery process, including what to expect and home care and pain management instructions. 

Here are some common dos and don’ts your dentist may ask of you: 


  • Use an ice pack on the face to reduce swelling. 
  • Take either prescription or over-the-counter pain medication. 
  • Only eat soft foods after surgery, like bananas or mashed potatoes. 


  • Do not consume hot, hard or crunchy foods. 
  • Do not consume alcohol and caffeine. 
  • Do not smoke or use tobacco products. 
  • Do not use a straw. 
  • Do not perform strenuous exercise until cleared by your dentist. 

These instructions ensure that the stitches and blood clots over the wound heal fully and without irritation. We strongly encourage you to please contact your dentist immediately if you experience excessive bleeding or pain. 

Home Care Routine 

To avoid complications or infections, your dentist in Ramsgate will ask you to follow a consistent home care routine. They may suggest not brushing or flossing for an entire day after the surgery, as these activities can dislodge stitches or the blood clot covering the site. 

Your dentist will provide you with specific cleaning instructions, but they commonly ask you to:

  • Rinse with salt water to keep the wound clean. 
  • Don’t spit when you rinse. Instead, simply let the water fall out of your mouth into the sink. 
  • Gently dab the wound with gauze or a soft cloth to absorb any excess blood. 

Following your dentist’s care instructions, a patient can have a full and speedy recovery. 

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