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Children's dentist: The real Tooth Fairy

Visiting a dentist is one of the most unpleasant experiences for most adults; imagine being a kid and seeing them!! The entire experience can be overwhelming, pleasing, and scary. Such situations can make your child feel alienated. In such cases, when your child is having dental problems, the best way to deal with them is by visiting a children's dentist in Kogarah.

Our dentists will offer you the best care for your children, and they will ensure that your toddler doesn't get scared. In addition, these dentists know the approach of handling a child's needs and understanding their concerns. Children's dentists can become their friends and establish a dialogue with them. This will make the kids comfortable while visiting a dentist instead of dreading the entire experience.


Now you might be wondering how a general dentist and a children's dentist are different?

Though both specialise in dentistry and need to deal with different dental issues, a children's dentist from Kogarah or anywhere in Australia specialises in paediatric dentistry.

Children's Dentist: The advantages they bring!!

A children's dentist or paediatric dentist from Ayar Dental will offer specific treatments for your child. They will treat their concerns most effectively.

They know children:

A general dentist is trained to deal with adults and fully developed teeth. However, such is not the case in children's dentistry. Here, the professionals are trained to care for underdeveloped or small teeth. This needs a specialised approach since children, and their bodies are different, and proportions change drastically.

They have the right tools:

You might be wondering how the tools can differ if the procedures are similar? The answer is simple. Proportions change, and children have smaller jaws and teeth than adults, and hence the tools to deal with them need to be smaller and leaner in proportion to ensure that the kids are comfortable during the procedure.

They will customise treatments:

Children's dentists understand a child's need for oral hygiene and offer a comprehensive solution for their specific issues; from playing sports to simply tumbling while walking, children can get into injuries. Such emergencies can be dealt with effectively by paediatric dentists.


When is the right age for my child to see a children's dentist?

Many parents wonder about this and get confused about when to start visiting a dentist. Though the normal instinct would be to do so when any dental issue arises, you can take kids as young as six months to a children's dentist.

They will be providing effective solutions for your kids, and it will offer long term benefits for the young ones. In addition, once you start going to a children's dentist in Kogarah or anywhere else, you need not worry about having to look for another dentist till your child turns eighteen. This allows the kids to grow accustomed to the environment at a dentist, and by the time they turn eighteen, i.e., an adult, they can switch to a general dentist as till then their development will be completed.

Children's dentists at Ayar Dental

They will offer the best possible route to your child's dental care and treat them efficiently. Since these professionals are used to dealing with kids daily, you need not worry about the professional scaring your child. Along with children's dentistry, we also provide treatments for orthodontics-Invisalign, cosmetic dentistry, teeth-whitening.

Visit your children's dentist at Ayar Dental at Kogarah!!

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