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Get Your Dental Crowns and Bridges In Brighton-Le-Sands

Many people have a tooth or two missing, but they don't do anything in particular about it. You should never make the same mistake if you are someone with missing teeth in their mouth. Every dentist agrees that ignoring this problem would only lead to more dental issues down the line. You may end up decaying the adjacent teeth or cause serious gum problems if the missing teeth are not replaced on time. Ayar Dental can fit dental crowns and bridges to replace your missing teeth without wasting time.

Crowns and bridges have become quite popular almost everywhere in Australia. They are much better in terms of convenience, appearance, and longevity than the traditional treatment called dentures.

Ayar Dental is thrilled to have you at our clinic. We hope our dentists led by Dr Robert Ayar, can help fix your missing teeth problem once and for all.


Dental Crowns And Bridges In Brighton-Le-Sands

There’s no need to shy away from putting up a smile out in public, especially when you have Ayar Dental clinic by your side. You can come to Ayar Dental for a range of dental problems. Our dentists are highly qualified dental practitioners who have helped thousands of people fix their dental issues. Be it cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry. We have always exceeded people’s expectations!

Hundreds of people travel to our clinic from Brighton-Le-Sands to fit dental crowns and bridges every year. You may do the same by calling Ayar Dental Clinic and scheduling an appointment with us!

  • This dental treatment helps restore your smile!
  • You can once again eat food properly, and that too with proper chewing functionality.
  • There’s no speech impediment now that you have no broken teeth or missing teeth in your mouth.
  • Dental bridges protect your face from any possible shape distortion.
  • By fitting crowns and bridges, you will prevent other teeth from getting displaced or decaying over a period.

It’s clear now that opting for this dental procedure is in your best interest. So why not meet Dr Robert Ayar and his team of dental practitioners in Brighton-Le-Sands?

Get Your Dental Crowns & Bridges In Brighton-Le-Sands

You must have heard many people talk about bridges and particularly dental crowns, haven’t you? This is a universally accepted and highly popular dental treatment for people that want to fix missing teeth problems. And at Ayar Dental, we try our best to educate our visitors about these highly praised dental procedures in detail. So, our visitors can make an informed medical decision while moving forward with their dental care.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns are generally used after root canal treatment.

  • If you, or let's say someone in your family, has a tooth that's partially broken or chipped off, crowns may be an option for you.
  • Our dentists will first implant a metal structure on your jawbone (dental implants) and then fit a crown.
  • Usually, these crowns are made of ceramic, metal alloy or porcelain.

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges are generally used after tooth extraction.

  • Crowns are generally used to fix a broken or chipped tooth, whereas bridges are designed to replace your missing teeth altogether.
  • In case you have two or more teeth missing, we will recommend crowns and bridges simultaneously.
  • Our dentists will fit two crowns at either side of the gap and then fit a dental bridge in-between.
  • These bridges are also called pontics (replacement teeth)!

Come and talk to our experts at Ayar Dental today. We will be more than happy to provide dental care to you. Our dental clinic is open for visitors and recurring patients from Monday to Saturday, so book your appointment now!

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