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Crowns and Bridges to Give You an Effortless smile

Technological enhancements have impacted every field, and the same goes for dentistry and orthodontic practices. Professionals today offer several treatments to ensure that the patients are comfortable with their smiles after the treatment. Going to a dentist's office can be overwhelming and painful, especially for the treatments like tooth extraction and root canals. However, modern medicines have brought in treatments such as crowns and bridges to ensure that the structure is saved and the patient benefits from beautification post-treatment. If you're looking for getting crowns and bridges at Kogarah, visit us at Ayar Dental.


Crowns for your teeth?

A tooth-shaped cap is placed over your natural teeth after root canal treatment. It provides support and protection to your natural teeth while restoring the natural shape since it imitates the look of your natural teeth perfectly.

Such crowns can correct alignment issues and jaw bites for everyone. They help in anchor restoration and ensure that the small gaps between the teeth are filled. In addition, getting a crown can correct your miscoloured teeth as well. Our dentists will offer you suitable suggestions with crowns if you face any such problem.

Advantages of crowns

Protects and restores the dental structure:

In most cases, when teeth get weak after a root canal, getting a crown offers support and the correct structure of your natural alignment.


Getting a crown from our dentists will offer you a better aesthetic appeal for your look as everything will look blended, and you need not worry about hiding your smile.


Crowns are durable and can offer you support for decades to come. It becomes an almost one-time investment during your treatments. Such crowns are proven to last the longest.


So, what do bridges offer?

A bridge is generally employed when only one or two teeth are missing. It would be ideal if you had a void on both sides of the teeth to get a bridge. The teeth on both sides are scaled. Then the bridge is constructed with two crowns on the sides attached to the replacement tooth in the centre.

Advantages of bridges:


With bridges suggested by our dentists at Ayar dental, you will receive a functional restoration. You can efficiently chew your food properly without any hassle. A bridge will also help enhance your communication by clarifying your speech, which you might have lost because of a natural tooth.

Force Distribution:

The bridge design distributes equal bite pressure while munching, making it comfortable for you to eat.


The aesthetic is one of the significant advantages of a bridge. You will retrieve your dental functionality and restore or improve your smile with a bridge.


Similar to dental crowns, bridges are also exceptionally durable.

Once you visit our dentist at Ayar dental, be sure to take their guidance and suggestion into account. It will always have better results. Getting crowns and bridges and cosmetic dentistry from Kogarah with us will enhance your comfort and offer you the desired look as well.

Visit a dentist at Ayar Dental if you wish to get crowns and bridges at Kogarah!!

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