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Fit Your Dental Crowns and Bridges In Monterey

Don’t want dentures as they are highly inconvenient and make you embarrassed out in public? Then you can go for dental crowns and bridges. It’s a path-breaking dental treatment that dentists worldwide recommend to their patients for the replacement of an extracted tooth or missing tooth. You just need a reliable dentist to fit artificial teeth in your mouth, and voila, that’s it! And fortunately, Ayar Dental is one such clinic that is always ready to go over and beyond to restore your smile.

It doesn’t matter if you have one or multiple teeth missing. Dr Robert Ayar and his team can fix the problem. Our clinic has everything that one needs to improve their teeth' appearance once and for all. More importantly, we treat every person that walks into our clinic with dignity, professionalism, and great care.

So, head over to our clinic now. Ayar Dental clinic is just a few minutes away from your house in Monterey, NSW.


Hassle-free Crowns & Bridges Fitting In Monterey, Sydney

In the past, people were sceptical of fitting crowns and bridges in place of their missing teeth. But with the advancement in restorative dentistry, more and more people are coming to the fold. Nowadays, you will see a majority of the people opting for this dental procedure over the traditional dental solution like fitting dentures. At Ayar Dental, you will experience a flawless fitting of crowns or bridges procedure, that’s for sure.

Not only that, but we can also perform dental implants all too well. As we all know, dental implantation is a necessary step in fitting crowns. Thus, you can ask for any major restorative dental procedure at our clinic. And the chances are that we might be able to help you just fine!

Our Safe Dental Procedure - Crowns And Bridges Fitting

Truth be told, it’s relatively easy to get this dental procedure in today’s day and age. With all the technological and scientific advancements, there are very few risks involved in this procedure. Then again, we have some of the finest dental practitioners at Ayar Dental attending patients at the clinic. Due to these reasons, you will undergo a safe dental procedure involving crowns and bridges.


In the first session, we will check your medical history and prescribe a few x-ray tests of your mouth. We will determine which course of dental treatment best suits your problems by doing this.

Treatment Plan

In case it’s missing teeth, we usually recommend getting dental bridges. Whereas we will place crowns for partially broken or chipped teeth by first inserting a dental implant!


Once we have your artificial teeth and crowns with us, we will schedule an appointment for the actual fitting. Our dentists will ensure that crowns and bridges are placed properly, and there remains no room for any future complications.


No matter how smooth your procedure went, if it’s not followed by an excellent recovery, it’s not worth it. Keeping this in mind, our dentists draw a rehabilitation plan and explain its importance before you go home. So, you can follow everything that’s instructed in this plan for a proper post-treatment recovery.

Don’t let this opportunity slide away from your grasp. Contact us right now to schedule an appointment at Ayar Dental in Monterey.

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