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Get your million-dollar smile with crowns and bridges at Rockdale with Ayar Dental

Dental treatments are not limited to root canal treatment and Teeth filling. Modern dentistry offers plenty of options to ensure the best solutions for their clients' dental concerns. This includes treating the missing teeth with crowns and bridges. With these, one can get back their missing tooth back. It helps the patient to be better with their activities. You will find various clinics that offer similar treatments; however, our dentists at Ayar Dental, Rockdale, will offer you the best possible solution considering your requirements to give you the best comfort.

Let's understand how similar and different dental crowns and bridges are from one another,

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that dentists place over an existing tooth. It is coloured as per the colour of your natural teeth. Dental crowns can save a tooth, sweeten your smile, and even help anchor rehabilitation. Dental crowns help to correct issues related to visual bite alignment, small crannies between teeth, misshapen or discoloured teeth, or even minor flaws.

A bridge is generally used when only one or two teeth are skipping. It would be ideal to have a gap on both sides of the teeth to accept a bridge. The teeth on both sides are smoothened, then the bridge is made with two crowns on the sides, which connects the replaced tooth in the middle.


Why Dental Crowns?

Protection/ Restoration of Tooth Structure:

A dental crown is an ideal way of shielding an endangered tooth. Teeth that get frail after root canal therapy also need to be covered with crowns.


A crown offers not only physical safety but also improves aesthetic advantage. Crowns can enable retaining the natural shape of the tooth. Ceramic dental crowns are extremely durable and attractive. The crowns that match the colour of the neighbouring teeth can enhance your smile and boost your confidence. They also help in restoring or improvising your natural smile.


Crowns are believed to be lasting the longest out of most dental restorations. This usually happens due to the materials from which the dental crowns are designed, high quality, and more robust.

Why Dental Bridges?

Functional Restoration:

With the help of a bridge, to restore dental functionality. You can effortlessly chew and eat with it. A bridge will also help enrich the way you speak by clarifying your oration, which you might have lost because of the lack of a natural tooth.

Force Distribution:

The bridge structure spreads equal bite pressure while chewing, making it easy to eat. This supports other natural teeth as well as they do not get strained while chewing. Force distribution is overlooked by many, especially since the patients aren't able to recognise the problem at first; however, bridges can help you correct it.


Aesthetics is one of the substantial benefits of a bridge. You will recover your dental efficiency and restore or improve your smile with a bridge.



Just like dental crowns, bridges are also quite durable. Once you get them placed, you need not worry about durability or other concerns.

Both crowns and bridges bring plenty of benefits for the clients, and they do not complain for years once the procedure is completed. In addition, these procedures are designed to be pain-free; hence the fear associated is not rational either. Despite knowing and understanding everything, you might have specific concerns and queries. Only a professional can help you with them as they know all about a dental crisis's cause, effect, and solution.

Our trained dentists will walk you through the details of getting dental crowns and bridges. Book an appointment with Ayar Dental at Rockdale and contact a professional.

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