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Dental Implant Experts In Hurstville

With innovative technology in the field of dental implants, there are more options than ever before. They can be used as an anchor for dental bridges, allowing more natural-looking teeth replacement options. Dental implants have been around for ages, but they have gained significant popularity not only in Hurstville but all over the country during the last few years. If you wish to replace your teeth with more permanent solutions, then you can do no better than dental implants.

However, you must have this treatment done from a reputed dental clinic in Hurstville so that you can get your money’s worth. Patients of Ayar Dental choose this treatment because they look and feel like natural teeth, and they provide a long-lasting solution to tooth loss.


Why Should You Choose Dental Implants From Ayar Dental?

The upfront cost is typically higher than that of other tooth replacement options, but the benefits of dental implants can make them more cost-effective overall. You only have to come into our clinic every 6-12 months for a regular check-up, that’s it!

Dental Implants are fastened into the jawbone and function as a secure anchor for replacement teeth. Unlike dentures, they don't slip and slide around, which means that they provide patients with a more comfortable chewing experience. Because there is no gum tissue to support them, dental implants also look incredibly natural, which is why so many patients choose this option for replacing their missing teeth.

If you or someone in your family wants to replace missing teeth, you probably already know about dental crowns, bridges and dentures. But that's not it! You have another choice for tooth replacement called dental implants. These implants are fastened onto your jawbone which makes the foundation for your new crowns and bridges more secure.

At Ayar Dental, you will receive the latest in dental techniques and technology, including dental implants. The dental implant procedure is only one example of how advanced dental materials and skills can lead to one of the most effective dental procedures available. Ayar Dental even provides general dentistry, whitening, emergency.

Personalised Dental Implants

When you choose Ayar Dental in Hurstville for tooth replacement treatment we would diagnose the best possible dental implant choice based on your dental condition.

In case you have a single missing tooth, Dr Ayar would recommend that you get single implants but in case, the patient has substantial tooth loss then the best choice would be to go for our All-on 4 restoration method where we attach 4 posts for dental implants to a low-profile arch for dental restoration.


Dental Implant Process By Dr. Ayar

At Ayar Dental, primarily the dental implants are placed into your jawbone and over time it is allowed to bond with your jawbone. However, we would ask you to have some patience with the healing process.

Usually, it takes a few months for the dental implants to get integrated into your jaw but once it has healed, they will become part of the jaw and perform as the dental anatomical root system.

After the healing is over, we would place a dental crown to cap the implant. You would be happy to know that at our Hurstville clinic we personalise your dental implants. By doing so, your dental implants can easily blend in with the rest of your teeth. No one would be able to tell your natural teeth and implant apart.

Placement of dental implants also promotes gum renewal thus maintaining the overall health and shape of your jaw.

You can safely assume that implants would create a solid foundation for a happy smile.

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