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The world of dentistry has seen some outstanding growth over the past decades or so. Dentists are now focused on providing more holistic dental care than ever. Nowadays, people who have one or more teeth missing from their jawbones can opt for dental implants. Gone are those when dentures were the only options to hide your embarrassment of living your life without one or more teeth. This dental implants procedure is known to deliver outstanding results, and it's something that will help your problem.

Dr Robert Ayar and his highly experienced colleagues welcome you to Ayar Dental. It's a fully equipped clinic that attends people coming from all over the Southern Sydney region, including Kogarah Bay. So, if you have one or multiple teeth missing in your mouth, then you should schedule an appointment with Ayar Dental as soon as possible.


Smile Once Again, Leave Your Worries Behind At Ayar Dental

Your oral health takes precedence above all. There's no need to remind you about the importance of keeping good dental hygiene at all times. Your social and career life may take a hit if you don't. There are more than one reasons why a tooth or two may be missing in your mouth. Maybe it happened due to tooth decay or periodontal disease. Whatever the reason may be, we can replace the missing teeth with a simple dental implant procedure.

Dental Implants -

  • Gives you a natural appearance.
  • Are much more comfortable than putting dentures on and off.
  • It can help you achieve better chewing functionality while eating food.
  • Protects the nearby teeth against cavities which eventually leads to decay.
  • Gives a solid foundation to the jawbone.
  • Helps lessen the sensitivity in adjacent teeth.

Everyone at Ayar Dental believes this surgical procedure is the best course of treatment for your missing teeth. So don't hesitate to make a phone call at our office, we are more than happy to have you!

A Safe Approach Towards Dental Implants In Kogarah Bay

Expert panels all around the globe agree that dental implants surgery is a safe procedure when done by a qualified dental practitioner. It's one of the most widely accepted branches of restorative dentistry. And at Ayar Dental, we have all the credentials and resources that make us the ideal choice for your dental implant procedure in Kogarah Bay.


Primarily, our dentists will prescribe some digital x-rays of your mouth. By doing this procedure, we can assess the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone accurately. A general evaluation is an essential step as it allows us to see if your jawbone can withstand the dental implantation or not. On a similar note, we will check your medical history to see if there's any risk involved.

Dental Implantation

We will start the procedure by numbing your mouth with anaesthesia. Our dentists will cut the gum to reach the jawbone of your lost teeth. Next, we will drill a hole in this bone and implant the structure. It's that simple, and you can trust our dentists with this procedure.


Placing The Replacement Tooth

And now, finally, our dentists will order new replacement teeth from our lab. Once we have the tooth or a set of teeth, we can place them over the newly inserted implant. And yes, we will make a rehabilitation plan for you as well. So, you can recover within a few weeks after getting the implants.

So if you need the services of cosmetic dentistry, children's dentistry, teeth whitening and Dentist, orthodontics, you should be reaching out to us at Ayar Dental in Kogarah!

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