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Dental Implants Dentist In Monterey

Many things can lead to eventual tooth loss, such as tooth decay, injury, tooth extraction or periodontal disease. Missing teeth is not a new phenomenon as dentists across the world have treated millions of people with this condition. Earlier, only dentures were available as the primary dental care for missing teeth. However, dental implants have entirely transformed the playing field in that regard. It’s a much better option for missing teeth replacement, and most dentists would recommend this too.

At Ayar Dental, we can easily replace your missing teeth with dental implants. The procedure is overseen by our dentists who have performed hundreds of dental implantations over the years. Please pay a visit to our clinic today. We are close to where you live in Monterey. It’s an easy and hassle-free commute!


Ayar Dental - Taking Care Of Your Oral Health

Never ignore your dental health as it may lead to more significant problems in the future. Dentists recommend initial treatment, regardless of the complexity of your dental problem. And at our dental clinic, you will get the same advice regarding your oral hygiene. The earlier you fix the missing teeth issue, the better it turns out to be for your overall oral health. If you wish to explore more things about our restorative dental treatment, meet Dr Robert Ayar and his team.

  • Your dentists will fasten a structure on your jawbone.
  • This structure acts as a foundation for the replacement teeth or crown.
  • We will use an abutment that will help us connect the replacement tooth to your dental implant.
  • Dental bridges protect your face from any possible shape distortion.
  • These dental implants look natural, feel comfortable at all times, and have a much higher success rate.

Be it a dental implant for multiple missing teeth or single missing teeth. We will always deliver the best results. At Ayar Dental, you can ask for All-on-4 dental implants. Our dentists will ensure that all the surgical procedures are done correctly.

Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants In Monterey

You must have heard lots of different things about dental implants from many people around. But still, many people are reluctant to get this surgical procedure for their missing teeth. Let us tell you why this dental treatment is better than other treatments such as dentures. And how one can benefit from having these implants in Monterey.

  • Restores Appearance
  • Unlike other dental procedures, dental implants look astoundingly natural. Thus, you will want to have a new set of teeth without losing your natural appearance.

  • No Impediment In Speech
  • Say goodbye to mumbling or slurring words, thanks to dental implantation. You will no longer feel like your teeth are slipping from their position, and thus, there won’t be any speech impediment.


  • Maximum comfort
  • You have to remove dentures now and then, but it’s hardly the case with dental implants.

  • Comfortable Eating
  • Dentures and missing teeth cause a lot of problems while eating food in general. But when you fill the gap with an implant, you can eat food with a proper bite.

  • Self-esteem Up The Roof
  • You will undoubtedly feel much better and more confident in yourself when you have a full set of teeth with no gaps in-between.

  • High Durability
  • Most dentists believe that dental implants can even last a lifetime if maintained properly.

    You can see why people in Monterey and across Australia love this treatment. It gives you excellent value for your investment and restores your smile to normal.

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