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Dental Implant Experts In Taren point

Loss of teeth it's a common occurrence across the age spectrum. It may occur due to poor oral hygiene or the excess accumulation of tartar around the teeth. Or perhaps, it may occur due to gum disease. Many such scenarios are possible when we talk about missing teeth. So, what should you do if one or more of your teeth are missing? We know the answer to this. One of the best possible interventions for tooth loss is dental implants. And it’s recommended to get these implants as early as possible. Otherwise, you may aggravate the situation, which would cause further damage to your teeth.

Ayar Dental is all about understanding the patient’s concerns and providing them with the best dental care for their problems. The better we know your dental anatomy, the better we can help fix your smile.

Dr Robert Ayar and his team of dentists know this very well. That's the reason you will see us working together with our patients whenever someone needs our dental services in Taren Point, Sydney!


Get Your Dental Implants In Taren Point

You will find that people are not happy with their dentures. It’s uncomfortable, and at times, makes you embarrassed in front of others. That’s why people go for dental implants, as it’s a much better option for loss of teeth. But not many people know much about dental implants, do they? You probably would have heard it from your neighbours or a colleague at the office.

Dental implantation is nothing but the surgical procedure of placing a metal structure on your jawbone. This procedure is carried out to build a solid foundation underneath the gums for the new replacement tooth. That’s all there is to know about dental implants if we just want to know the basics.

However, if you wish to know more, you can always come to Ayar Dental! Not only do we provide information about this procedure, but we also perform this surgical procedure at our clinic.

Our Dental Implants Surgery In Taren Point

We believe that by working together with our patients, we can achieve remarkable outcomes at the end of any dental procedure. And the same goes for people that want dental implants to replace their missing teeth. So, we believe you should know the ins and outs of this procedure before signing up for it. Patients who are well-informed about the surgical procedure can make the best decision for themselves or their family members.

Your Evaluation

The first order of our business is to check your medical history and run some tests across your mouth and teeth. By doing so, we will assess if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants or not. After all, our dentists will place a metallic structure (root) into your jawbone. And therefore, you need to be healthy enough to withstand this invasive procedure.


Dental Implantation

Next comes the segment where our dentists will implant the metallic structure on your jawbone. To do this, we will cut an incision into your gums to reach the jawbone. And then, our dentists will drill a deep hole into this bone to insert the dental implant. And yes, there might be some swelling or discomfort post-implantation. But it’s not something that cannot be managed with a few prescribed medications.

Fitting A Replacement Tooth

Before our dentists can place the dental crown onto the new implant, there needs to be an abutment in-between. This abutment is required to bind or connect the implant with the replacement teeth. And then comes the part where we will place a replacement tooth on your new dental implant. Our dentists will either screw or cement the tooth onto the abutment.

Here, we finished the general summary of dental implants. But in case you want to explore more treatments like cosmetic dentistry, children's dentistry, teeth whitening and emergency Dentist, orthodontics-Invisalign, TMJ-bruxism-treatment and many more!!!! Then don't hesitate to visit us in Taren Point.

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