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How are fillings done?

Patients mouth with tooth decay and after tooth-coloured fillings at our dentist office near San Souci NSWBy the time we are adults, most of us will have had at least one dental cavity—usually more than one. In the past, dentists relied on silver fillings to treat this decay, but today we can close your tooth cavity with a tooth-coloured resin so as not to detract from your smile. We can also replace older fillings with this more aesthetic option.

A cavity means you have an area of decay on your tooth. You may not see it or even feel it unless it has grown. Typically, we find cavities during your routine dental check-up.

For composite resin fillings, your dentist numbs the treatment area, clears the decay and closes with a tooth-coloured filling, which is made of a resin material that bonds with your tooth. The hue allows it to be virtually invisible, and your dentist finishes up with a polish. This durable treatment option allows you to enjoy your favourite foods again without concern.

The only thing better than tooth-coloured fillings in Ramsgate are no tooth decay at all. To lower your risks, visit your dentist for regular exams and teeth cleans, and brush and floss daily.

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