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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Children's Dentistry

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At Ayar Dental, we focus on patient education because we know that patients who are better informed can make more confident decisions about their oral health. Dr Robert Ayar is never too busy to take the time to thoroughly explain why he might recommend a specific procedure and how it can benefit your oral health.

We also encourage our patients to ask questions when they need more information or when something isn’t clear. Our entire team is happy to find the answers you need.

Below, we’ve shared some of the common questions we hear most often, but we welcome your other enquiries.

Children's Dentistry

We usually like to start seeing children around the age of two or three, when they are old enough to sit still for a dental examination. Of course, as parents, if you have concerns before that time, we welcome your child to our Ramsgate Beach, NSW dental clinic.

Your Child's First Dentist Visit in Ramsgate 

We believe that good oral health habits start early, and kids who start going to the dentist from a young age tend to grow up without dental anxiety. Dr Robert Ayar and his team love treating children, and we look forward to helping them create a positive association with visiting our children's dentist in Ramsgate.

Early dental visits also provide us with the opportunity to ensure that your child’s teeth are developing properly. We also like to go over proper brushing and flossing technique with mums and dads. Kids lack the dexterity to properly brush their teeth until they are over the age of seven or eight, so until that time, it is up to the parents to help.

Even though your children will lose their baby teeth, keeping them healthy is crucial because they can impact the permanent teeth. Baby teeth act as placeholders to help encourage proper growth of the permanent teeth.

If your child is due for a dental examination, we welcome your contact to Ayar Dental.

No, it is not. There is fluoride added to your drinking water in our local area, and it is actually good for your oral health when used properly.

Young girl smiling outside | Childrens Dentist Ramsgate NSWAre Fluoride Treatments Necessary?

There are two ways fluoride helps the teeth. When people consume fluoride in water, it enters the bloodstream. In children, this will become a part of their permanent teeth. When fluoride is swallowed, it also becomes part of the saliva, so it helps protect the teeth from the acids that can cause tooth decay.

The other way fluoride helps teeth is when it is applied directly to the teeth, such as with a fluoride toothpaste or fluoride treatment. This helps with a process called ‘remineralisation,’ which helps strengthen tooth enamel.

At our Ramsgate Beach, NSW dental clinic, we sometimes recommend children receive fluoride treatments as a routine part of their pediatric dental care programme. It helps protect kids from developing cavities in both the primary teeth and permanent teeth. Fluoride rinses can be purchased in shops, and we recommend that children over the age of six use these routinely.

If you have questions about the use and safety of fluoride, we welcome your contact Ayar Dental.

Those colour bands are not just for decoration. The wire that runs across the braces is actually what lets us control teeth movement. Those colour rings are called "ties" and their purpose is to hold the wire in place. Whenever they get changed it's actually not to get new colours but to get a good hold on that wire so it will work as effectively as possible.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.