Dental Crowns & Bridges in Ramsgate, NSW

Dental crown covering damaged tooth at Ramsgate dentist

Do you have a damaged or missing tooth that is preventing you from chewing properly? Perhaps you avoid showing your smile because you are embarrassed about the way it looks. With dental crowns and dental bridges at our Ramsgate, NSW dental clinic, we can repair or replace your tooth so you can smile—and chew—with confidence.

At Ayar Dental, we specialise in restoring the beauty of your smile. We offer a range of procedures to correct damaged teeth, including dental crowns, dental bridges, veneers, teeth whitening and cosmetic dental services in Ramsgate.

Versatile Dental Crowns

A crown is a cap that goes over your tooth to the gumline. Dental crowns are designed to match your surrounding teeth in shape and colour.

The procedure for dental crown placement involves first the removal of the decayed part of the tooth, which would then be replaced by a dental crown, thus restoring the strength and aesthetics of the tooth. This process can be slightly painful in sensitive areas, but things get better after some time as healing occurs. You may have some difficulty chewing food initially, but this can be overcome gradually with proper chewing techniques. Dr Ayar can give you tips and techniques through which you can easily get used to your new dental crowns.

Our dentist in Sandringham uses crowns to restore a tooth that has become damaged or weakened. Many people find that they need a dental crown to strengthen a tooth that has become compromised because of a large filling that has started to fracture. Those who have undergone root canal treatment also find that they need a crown to strengthen the remaining tooth structure so it can once again withstand the force of chewing.

We might recommend a dental crown during a consultation for cosmetic dentistry to cover up a tooth that is discoloured, misshapen or otherwise flawed. Tooth crowns are also used atop the abutment of a dental implant, to finish off the implant and complete your tooth replacement.

Treatment with dental crowns is not as expensive as you may think. Ayar Dental in Ramsgate has all types of dental crowns and bridges at the most reasonable price. All our dental crowns and bridges are handled in-house by our technicians and doctors, so we can make them right when it comes to the shape and colour that best suits your teeth.

Difference between Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges not only protect teeth from further damage but also restore the integrity of your smile. Both crowns and bridges are retained prostheses meaning that they are attached to at least one healthy tooth or implant. While crown and bridge restorations may appear like each other in design, they serve different purposes.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped covering that fits over the entire visible part of a damaged or decayed tooth. Generally constructed of porcelain, it can be used to restore a tooth's form and function.

A dental bridge is made up of two or three crowns that are connected to surrounding teeth by metal bands, replacing missing teeth to provide support, fill gaps and preserve the shape of the face.

Crowns and bridges are both dental restorations that are used to treat tooth damage for patients all over the Ramsgate area. For example, crowns are used to treat a variety of issues, including cracks, chips, or an infected tooth. Crowns are also used to restore teeth that have had root canals done on them. Bridgework is used to replace missing teeth as well as support a dental implant in place.

Both dental crowns and bridges can be made from ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal, gold alloys, and composites like porcelain-fused-to-porcelain.

Regardless of material, both are exceptionally durable and will last for many years. They will withstand chewing forces that are as much as four times greater than normal teeth.

At Ayar Dental in Ramsgate, we offer both dental crowns and dental bridges for patients who want an alternative to dentures.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Bridges

diagram of a dental bridge being placed on a lower jaw in RamsgateWe have diagram of a dental bridge being placed on a lower jaw in Ramsgate showing how missing even one tooth can cause problems with your remaining teeth. When a gap in your smile is not filled, your remaining teeth will tend to drift to fill in the space. It can also make it more challenging to chew and speak properly.

Dental bridges are a common way to replace one or two missing teeth in a row. Dental bridges fill in the gap in your smile and restore function so you can eat and smile with confidence.

Dental crowns are also used to restore a tooth's shape, size, strength, and appearance. A tooth that is decayed or severely damaged can be restored with dental crowns. They're also used to hold dental bridges in place.

Dr Ayar attaches a fixed dental bridge to the teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile; the dental crowns provide stability for the attached bridge.

If you have a gap between two teeth, it can be difficult to clean your teeth properly or floss between them. A missing tooth is also unsightly and can make it difficult for you to chew properly. Dental bridges fill this gap by using other teeth as anchors for artificial replacements for the missing ones.

These are some of the many reasons that people choose Ayar Dental to provide them with dental crowns and dental bridges in Ramsgate NSW. We believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile, so you'll find our team always friendly and welcoming when you arrive at our clinic.

Our Ramsgate dentists can also place dental implants to attach to your bridge. This provides more stability for the dental bridge because the implants hold it securely in place.

How to Care for Crowns and Bridges

You can care for your dental crown just as you would your natural teeth, so you should brush and floss twice a day and avoid sugary and starchy foods and beverages. Rinse with water after brushing your teeth and prevent over-brushing, which can harm your gums and wear down your teeth prematurely. To freshen between brushings, rinse with mouthwash or use an antibacterial mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide. We also recommend visiting your dentist twice each year for dental examinations and cleaning.

Do not chew hard or sticky foods as they can damage your dental crown and cause pain.

Caring for your dental bridge can be a bit tricky because food particles can get stuck below it. We recommend patients with dental bridges use a floss threader or small cleaning brush so they can thoroughly clean around and below the dental bridge.

Be careful when brushing food particles that have accumulated under your dental crown. You might want to use floss to get rid of it since you should not be using your fingers or tongue to remove food particles.

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Keeping your teeth and gums healthy will help you get the most longevity out of your tooth crowns and dental bridges. Not paying attention to your oral health could lead to gum disease or infection, which can put your smile investment at risk. We aim to provide you with personalized care and build a long-term relationship with our patients in Ramsgate. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about your dental problems or concerns, so do reach out to us for any queries regarding dental crowns and bridges.

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