Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants in Ramsgate

If you need to replace missing teeth, you probably already know about dental bridges and dentures. But today, you have another choice for tooth replacement: dental implants. Because dental implants are integrated into the jawbone, they offer more stability than traditional bridgework.

Here at Ayar Dental Clinics, we understand the importance of having a beautiful smile. That's why we offer a wide range of cosmetic procedures designed to improve the appearance of your teeth. Our team is certified and experienced in all areas of implant dentistry. Treating patients with missing teeth is something that our team has been doing for many years now and we offer a complete range of dental implant solutions as well as a full set of dental services in Ramsgate.

At Ayar Dental, we are proud to offer the latest in dental techniques and technology so patients can enjoy effective and reliable dentistry, including high-quality dental implants. Dental implants are just one example of how advanced dental materials and skills can lead to one of the most effective dental procedures available.

Dr Robert Ayar has years of experience crafting natural-looking dental restorations that enhance your smile. If you have one or more gaps in your smile that you would like to restore, you may be interested in this durable permanent solution.

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The Recommended Tooth Replacement Option
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Losing a tooth can have a devastating impact on a person's appearance, ability to chew or speak properly and even self-esteem.

Most of us hope our teeth will last us a lifetime, and when they don’t, it could take a toll on our self-confidence. Replacing missing teeth with dental implants at our Ramsgate dental clinic can restore your smile along with dental function.

Dr Robert Ayar recommends dental implants for patients with tooth loss because they closely mimic the form and function of the natural tooth. Unlike with a dental bridge, this stand-alone tooth replacement doesn’t require any modification to the adjacent teeth to keep it in place.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Ramsgate are thin, biocompatible titanium posts that are extremely durable. Biocompatible means the metal that is well accepted by the body.

The dental implant takes the place of the missing tooth root and is surgically placed into the jawbone, unlike bridges or dentures which sit above the gumline. While these alternative tooth replacement procedures fill in spaces in your smile, they do not promote the healthy bone growth that dental implants do. When a tooth is lost, it takes the tooth root as well. This root keeps your jawbone stimulated every time you apply pressure, like when you chew or bite down on something. 

Dental implants keep your smile looking natural while also fulfilling the function and role of the missing tooth. They keep the jawbone strong and support a dental crown prosthetic that is your replacement tooth.

For patients missing more than one tooth, we provide implant-supported dentures to support a beautifully crafted smile.

How Dental Implants in Ramsgate WorkWoman smiling in treatment chair for dental implants in Ramsgate

We surgically place the dental implants in your jawbone and allow it to bond to your bone over time. The procedure is quick—usually about an hour—but you’ll need patience for the healing process. It will take several months for the dental implant to integrate with your jawbone permanently. Once it heals, it becomes part of your dental anatomy, acting as a new root system.

Once the healing period is complete, we use dental crowns to cap the dental implant. We fabricate dental implants to blend with your existing teeth so no one will be able to tell that you’ve had an implant placement.

Beyond the cosmetic impact an absent tooth can have, numerous health issues can affect your daily life. Gaps in your smile make it difficult to eat, which leads to malnutrition, pain, depression, and poor diet. Additionally, neighbouring teeth tend to shift towards the space, which will change the layout and alignment of your smile and often leads to further tooth loss.

Behind the scenes, dental implants promote ongoing gum tissue renewal and keep your gums and jawbone healthy and happy. Without a tooth acting as an anchor, gums can begin to recede and set the scene for a possible gum disease infection. Dental implants prevent further tooth loss or related oral health concerns.

Even beyond preventing tooth loss and gum disease, studies link gum infection to health issues like heart attacks, strokes, and even Alzheimer’s disease.

You should brush and floss them regularly. Your gums will need time to heal and adjust to the new teeth once the dental implants are placed. During this time, you'll be able to eat normally but may want to avoid hard, sticky or crunchy foods until your mouth heals completely, which may take several weeks. You may find that it takes some time for you to adapt to chewing with new teeth. If you feel like something isn't right with your dental implants, tell Dr Ayar. He along with his team will help you with the problem.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Patients of Ayar Dental appreciate the numerous benefits of dental implants.

Dental implants placed by experts at Ayar Dental in Ramsgate are an effective way to replace missing teeth. They can be used to anchor dentures, which will improve the appearance of your smile while making it more secure.

Because dental implants are permanently integrated into the jawbone, they will not move—so there are no food restrictions with dental implants. Patients also never have to worry about dental implants shifting or falling out during meals or conversations.

It's difficult to tell that you have something artificial in your mouth, especially if the rest of your teeth are in good shape.

Dental implants also help in preventing bone loss when you lose teeth, there's a possibility that your jawbone will begin to shrink and cause facial sagging over time. This condition is called osteoporosis and it can make it difficult for your face to maintain its youthful shape. Gum recession can accelerate this process even more. But with dental implant treatment, you don't have to worry about losing bone mass at all because your implants stimulate more growth in the right places. This keeps your face looking young and naturally.

At Ayar Dental, we recommend dental implants for the following advantages:


Dental implants are surgically bonded to your jawbone so you will never have to worry about them becoming loose or falling out. There are no food restrictions; patients can eat their favourite foods.


Dental implants look and feel similar to your natural teeth. No one will be able to see the difference.


Dental implants can help you avoid many oral and general health issues that are associated with missing teeth. 

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?Man with dental implants smiling outside near San Souci NSW

There is a lot to consider when deciding on the best tooth-replacement option. Some people are hesitant to undergo dental implant surgery because the process can take a long time. But if you choose Ayar dental as your choice of the clinic in Ramsgate we can make the process fast and easy for you.

Dr Ayar will explain all your choices and go over the pros and cons of each. He will answer all your questions so you can feel confident in making the best decision for you. Patients who are looking for an alternative to traditional tooth replacement should consider dental implants. If you choose to get dental implants, you should know that they can last for decades with proper care and maintenance. Patients of Ayar dental know how beneficial these tiny titanium screws can be in restoring oral health and self-confidence. Ayar Dental provides quality treatment for all age groups. Our caring and knowledgeable staff ensure that patients receive the best treatment available. We offer flexible appointments so you can easily arrange your appointment in Ramsgate at a time that is convenient for you and your family members.

Here at Ayar Dental, we want patients to understand exactly what they can expect from our services before they make their final decision to get dental implants.

Candidates for dental implants near Ramsgate Beach should have these characteristics:

  • Overall good health without serious medical conditions
  • Gums free of infection
  • Enough bone left to support the dental implants

Caring for Your Dental Implant

Caring for tooth implants is no different than caring for your existing teeth: brush and floss regularly at least twice per day and visit your dentist as recommended for dental exams and teeth cleanings.

Clinical studies have shown that brushing and flossing help prevent further bone loss around dental implants, too. Plaque is sticky and adheres to the surface of the implant, which leads to bone loss over time. Check with Dr Ayar about the toothbrush that is best for you. You may need a soft or extra-soft bristled toothbrush to clean around the implants.

Be aware that placing a toothbrush too firmly against your gums can damage gum tissue and bone around the dental implant and may even cause the implant to loosen or fall out.

Dr Ayar can help you develop a healthy oral hygiene routine at home to keep your dental implants happy. We may periodically recommend digital x-rays to be able to peek beneath the surface for signs of trouble. This is true even if you don't have dental implants. 

We also recommend that patients never use their teeth or dental implants as a tool to open things or pull-on knots. Teeth grinding can also be detrimental, so let your Ramsgate dentist know if you experience any teeth grinding, especially at night. And be sure to wear a mouthguard or the proper face gear if you take part in rough or ball-oriented sports.

While dental implants cannot get tooth decay, they cannot prevent gum disease or infection, which can risk the dental implant and your surrounding teeth.

At Ayar Dental near Dolls Point, we provide tips and guidelines so you can enjoy your new tooth implant for many years.

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