Dental Extractions in Ramsgate, NSW

young man smiling sitting in a dental chair for a tooth extraction in RamsgateLike most dentists, Dr Robert Ayar does everything possible to prevent his patients from needing a tooth extraction. But sometimes pulling a tooth is necessary to protect a patient’s oral health. Sometimes a tooth is damaged beyond repair or needs to be extracted because of advanced gum disease. Wisdom teeth also need to be removed in many cases.

When extractions are necessary, including wisdom teeth extraction, you can count on Dr. Ayar’s experience and gentle touch to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during and after the procedure. At our Ramsgate, NSW dental practice, we will go over the procedure with you and provide you with instructions to promote healing afterwards. We can also go over your options for tooth replacement, including dental bridges, dental implants and partial dentures.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure at Ayar Dental 

Tooth removal is generally a simple process that involves using a local anaesthetic, so the area is completely numb. Our dentist near Sans Souci will gently wiggle the bad tooth until it comes out. He is very careful not to cause undue trauma to the surrounding gum tissue.

When we remove a tooth, a hole—or socket—is what is left behind. This space will fill in on its own over the ensuing weeks. Dr Ayar will provide you with a folded piece of gauze to hold over the site to encourage healing.

Caring for the Extraction Site after the Procedure

It’s crucial in the days following the tooth extraction to follow Dr Ayar’s instructions to promote healing.

  • Keep gauze at the site for about 45 minutes after your procedure, biting down on it very lightly. If bleeding continues, get a fresh gauze pad and try lightly biting down for another half-hour or so. Avoid anything with a sucking motion in the days right after your extraction, such as drinking through a straw or smoking a cigarette. This action can dislodge the clot that is forming and cause a painful condition known as dry socket.Dental patient outside smiling after tooth extraction in Ramsgate NSW
  • Avoid rinsing your mouth the day of your procedure. The day after, you can rinse with warm salt water, but do not swish vigorously. You repeat this as desired twice a day for the next three or four days.
  • Most people will have some amount of swelling after an extraction, especially wisdom teeth extraction, and this is normal. It should dissipate on its own over the next couple of weeks. If it doesn’t seem to get any better, or if it is interfering with your ability to swallow or breathe, we recommend you go to the nearest emergency department.
  • Keep to a soft diet in the first few days after your extraction. Meal replacement drinks, yogurt and soups will help you keep your strength up while you wait for the site to heal. You can gradually introduce more foods into your diet as your socket closes up.
  • Use care when brushing and flossing, being extra gentle near the extraction site.

If you have any questions or encounter any issues after your tooth extraction or wisdom teeth extraction, we welcome your contact to our Ramsgate, NSW dental clinic.