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Welcome to Our Practice

Dr Robert Ayar and his family walking on the beach in Ramsgate

Hello and welcome to our Ramsgate, NSW dental clinic. The family-owned and operated dental practice of Dr Robert Ayar. Family is important to us, just as it is to our patients. We've even designed a logo that incorporates a parent and child to further emphasis that key familial connection.

Our dental clinic is in Ramsgate Beach, and our family resides in nearby Sandringham. We are proud to care for our community in the suburbs around us for more than 14 years.

Our dentist treats patients from all around the region, including Sans Souci, Dolls Point, Kogarah, Ramsgate, Monterey, Brighton-Le-Sands, Rockdale, Hurstville, Beverley Park, to Taren Point, Carss Park, Blakehurst and Miranda.

Ayar Dental is located at Suite 6 Ramsgate Beach Plaza, 191-201 Ramsgate Road. Our dental clinic is off the intersection of Ramsgate Road and Chuter Avenue near Rotary Park in Ramsgate Beach, NSW.

Our Mission for Dental Patients Near Kogarah

Dr Robert Ayar’s family operated dental clinic has been offering the finest dental treatment work all over Sydney. Dr Ayar and his team passionately believe that preventing oral health problems from the start is better than working to cure them, so our mission is to have a dedicated team of caring professionals who strive to develop long-life relationships with our dental patients based on trust and friendship and offering moral dental health support.

We treat every patient as we treat each other, with respect, compassion and care.

We aim to guide our patients along a path of optimal health and wellness for life. To non-judgmentally deliver the highest possible level of care with empathy and understanding.

Treatments for Your Entire Family

Preventive dentistry provides a solid foundation upon which to build optimal oral health at every age. The preventive treatments we offer at our Ramsgate dental clinic, along with our general dentistry services, are designed to give you healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime.

For specific dental problems, Dr Ayar will customise a treatment program to focus on that issue at a pace with which you feel comfortable. Our dental practice near Kogarah uses the latest dental technology to make your treatments as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Whether you are at our dental clinic for a thorough dental examination, scale and polish, teeth whitening or a root canal, you can always count on us to take our time. We want to ensure you understand treatment options so you can make the best decision for your oral health, so we are always happy to take the time to answer your enquiries.

Keep in mind that we see patients of all ages, and children are most welcome. We have children of our own, so we have first-hand practice in communicating with kids on an age-appropriate level. Our goal is to minimise dental anxiety from an early age, hence we're happy to provide dental services to children as well as adults, making us one of the best dentists near you! We have the latest equipment and procedures adapted for children, making the visit fun and stress-free. Our family-friendly waiting area is well-equipped with toys to keep small hands and inquisitive minds busy while they are here for their children's dentistry treatment in Ramsgate.

Affordable Care at Ayar Dental

With a young family of our own, we understand it can be challenging to both afford dental treatment and fit it into busy schedules. We offer a wide range of dental clinic hours to help you fit bookings into your family’s schedule. We also offer ways to make dentistry affordable for your family. Our team is made up of highly trained and experienced dental experts who are committed to providing the best quality service possible.

We feature the following:

Medicare bulk billing under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

  • Children 12 years and under—$100 includes exam, scale and polish, x-ray, fluoride
  • Children 13 years up to 18 years—$150 includes exam, scale and polish, x-ray, fluoride
  • Adults—$199 includes exam, scale and polish, x-ray, fluoride
  • Adults—$170 includes exam, scale & polish, fluoride
  • Bulk billing for our Veterans' Affairs patients
  • Dental patient specials to showcase our high-quality treatments

If you are a new patient of Ayar Dental, consider our current New Patient Special offer for a comprehensive dental exam, cleaning, full mouth x-ray and fluoride treatment!

We are also a BUPA Platinum Provider, Medibank members Choice Advantage provider, CBHS members provider and smile.com.au member provider.

QIP Accredited Practice

QIP Accredited Dental Practice Certificate for Dentist in KogarahQIP Accredited Dental Practice Certificate for Dentists in Kogarah. We are proud to let our patients know that Ayar Dental was awarded the status of an accredited dental clinic, and we are now associated with Quality Innovation Performance (QIP). We have earned this accreditation by providing evidence-based, consistent standards of quality care. Because of our commitment to upholding the highest levels of professional dental care and safety standards, our patients can enjoy peace of mind, knowing they are getting a consistently high level of quality care at our dental clinic.

Looking for Dentist Near You? Look No further!

"Dentist near me" is an expression that is becoming increasingly popular these days. People are getting tired of spending so much on travelling to the dentist or waiting in a long queue just to get their teeth looked at. That's why they search for good, affordable dentists nearby. And if you are one of those people, in search of a dentist near me in the Ramsgate area, then look no further than Ayar Dental.

Treating patients with kindness, compassion and understanding is our number one priority. We offer highly effective dental treatment at a cost-effective price. Our team at Ayar Dental is friendly and welcoming. We're proud to serve patients in Ramsgate for all their oral health needs, from comprehensive exams to cosmetic dentistry procedures!

But Why Choose Ayar Dental?

Treat your tooth or teeth with care by getting them checked with expert dental workers at Ayar Dental. We are a leading dental clinic located in Ramsgate that serves patients from all over the area. Our team of professional dental specialists are capable and at your service to provide you with the best dental treatments you deserve. A dentist near you in Ramsgate is just a click away from Ayar Dental!

Every Kind of Dental Treatment Available from Dentist Near You

The list of our services includes

  • Emergency Dentistry
  • Children’s Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Tooth Extractions
  • Root canal treatment
  • Teeth whitening
  • TMJ and Bruxism treatment
  • Tooth coloured fillings
  • General dentistry

As a dentist near me facility we also offer comprehensive dental treatment services like

  • Crowns and bridges
  • Extractions
  • Tooth-coloured fillings
  • Root canal treatment
  • TMJ/bruxism treatment

Expert Cosmetic Dentist Near Me!

The team at Ayar Dental Clinic are trained to give you the best cosmetic dental treatment in Ramsgate. We offer a wide range of dental treatments including general checkups and cleanings, cosmetic dentistry procedures, crowns, bridges, veneers, teeth whitening and teeth straightening, teeth implants and root canal treatments and many other treatments.

Our aim is for you to have the best smile with oral hygiene, and we will strive until you are happy with your result. We are always trying to stay at the forefront of cosmetic dentistry and our team are qualified, experienced and above all dedicated to providing top-quality dental services. Whether you want to enhance your smile, repair broken or damaged tooth or teeth or simply get a regular check-up, we can accommodate your needs. We pride ourselves on our highly skilled team and their dedication to providing the highest level of care.

You'll also have access to periodontal treatments like gum surgery and advanced periodontal therapy. For those who are into orthodontics, we also specialise in Invisalign clear aligners and braces straightening too!

We have the specialised SmileView simulation that takes only a few minutes and provides you with a realistic view of your straightened teeth and how they would fit into your face, allowing you to see the results before treatment begins so you know the outcome will be exactly what you want!

Whether it's a smile makeover, braces, veneers or teeth whitening; Ayar dental clinic has the experience, skill and know-how to achieve beautiful results. We use the latest techniques and technologies in dentistry.

Since we have many experienced dental specialists under one roof, you can be guaranteed that we can handle even the most complex cases with ease and professionalism.

We have invested in a full suite of ultramodern dental equipment and are now one of the few practices on the Island to offer Panoramic x-ray technology. What sets our Panoramic X-ray imaging system apart from other methods of dental examination is that it enables us to take images that are clear enough to allow us to detect smaller issues with the condition of your teeth and gums, enabling us to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Book Your Next Dental Exam in Ramsgate Today!

If you’re looking for quality dental care near Ramsgate, we welcome you to contact Ayar Dental at (02) 9529 5278 to schedule your next dental exam and teeth cleaning!

Even if you are looking for a dentist near me in other zones rest assured, we have our services available all over Australia, including Brighton-Le-Sands, Carss Park, Dolls Point, Hurstville, Monterey, Sans Souci, Kogarah, Rockdale, to Taren Point, and Blakehurst. So if you are looking for dentists near me, then you have come to the right place.

You can rest assured that at our clinic you will be well cared for in a relaxed atmosphere by specialists who understand that each patient is an individual with special needs and concerns.

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